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New Organization Annoucment

Over the last ten months Lower Nazareth Baseball & Softball, Nazareth Area Youth Baseball Association, and Bushkill Township Athletic Association, have all worked to come together and are excited to announce that we will be forming a new unified organization. The new organization will be called Nazareth Area Baseball & Softball Association (NABSA) and it will provide recreational baseball and softball to the Nazareth Area.

The creation of NABSA unifies the baseball program for the entire Nazareth Area School District under one entity. For softball it brings together two organizations, as the Clippers were not interested in joining the new organization at this time, but we keep that possibility open for the future. By coming together, we are confident we can build an even stronger youth sports experience for our athletes.

NABSA’s mission is to promote the growth of youth baseball and softball at all levels of competition for the Nazareth community. The development of sportsmanship, honesty, respect, teamwork, physical fitness along with baseball and softball skills are the organization’s priorities. In order to accomplish this mission our objectives include:

● To govern the association in a manner that puts the development of our players, as both athletes and persons, above all other considerations.

● To develop character and to improve the sportsmanship and physical condition of the youth of our community, endeavoring to teach team play and team spirit, comradery, and association, through competitive sports.

● To teach skills and the rules of the game to the youth of our community

● To ensure a competitive environment, balance age and ability in the player placement process.

● To reward positive attitude, hustle, and improvement over natural ability

● To accomplish all of the above in a safe, fun, and positive environment for the youth of the organization

As an organization we are excited for what the future holds, and are confident we can build an even stronger program to create a great experience for our athletes.